How I Make Money on Tumblr

last updated on 12/16/2017

I am here to tell you how I made $6700 a month, and averagely $5000+ a month for over a year using tumblr, one of the most popular social media sites.

You probably have heard people making tons of money online. You probably even tried a few times too many and are about to give up? I know how you feel. I have also tried a long list of methods and failed miserably. I have been a member of the forum (BHW) for about 5 years, reading about a lot of 'methods' there. The problem about the forum though is people who are actually really successful in making money (the blackhat way) don't talk. Why would they? For one thing, they are probably too busy doing what they are doing and counting money. It's probably safe to say that 90% of the people who have tried making money online failed to make a penny.

Here is a short summary of my journey. A few years ago, I filed for bankruptcy after 7 years of e-commerce selling online. I foreclosed my 4000sf home. They took away my Honda pilot, and my Yamaha motorcycle. I shut down all my websites and eBay also suspended my seller account because I completely ignored customer's messages and my rating dropped significantly. The truth was that I did not want to do that anymore. I never really wanted to answer emails from customers. Right about then, I found fiverr and tumblr. For a while, I was making some $4 a day, not even enough for a subway sandwich! That was my earning from fiverr which offers (mostly) online gigs for $5 each while taking $1 as commission.

Then I read a post on BHW titled something like "how to make your first dollar on tumblr." So I registered a few accounts and started playing around to see how it works. My goal was of course not to just make a dollar. If you can make a dollar with a simple task, you can probably make $100. As I kept playing around with tumblr trying to gain some followers, I also found some accounts with large following. I saw how some of them were making money. That's how I discovered chacha. (I also saw someone who has Amazon affiliate ads. I actually talked to the person and he gave me some phiosophical bullshit. Some people think they are on top of the world when they make a little money. I think though, to make money using Amazon affiliate program, you need niche blogs. I tried it on a 200k-follower blog I bought and ended up with just $50 or so a month. With chacha and my own site though, I got about $5000 from the blog before the seller 'stole' the blog back from me. He reported to tumblr claiming I stole the blog from him. It was a $500 investment and I still came out well ahead.)

A year after my bankruptsy filing finalized, I was able to buy a brand new 2015 Toyota Corola, $19K, by cash. It is not a BMW or Mercedes, but I dont have to constantly visit auto-repair shops, and it got cruise control too!

(graph above: adsense earnings; graph below: earnings from chacha)

Why do I want to give the methods away?

The methods still work today. However the 'follow bot' i wrote myself stopped working, and I couldnt fix it. (I used curL to login and follow. Tumblr changed everything from php to jQuery/javascript. Now if you disable javascript in your browser, you practically cannot do anything on tumblr.) I will give you some javascript code that lets your follow 200 people in about 15 seconds. Or you should be able to find a tumblr follow bot. (just google it. However, the key is in whom to follow, and I will tell you exactly that.) For this method, we don't need a niche. (all my blogs are 'general' blogs.) The reason I am giving the methods away is I got (mentally) tired of doing it. I want to do something more interesting instead of spending 80% of my time checking how much money i have made today.

How to Make Money on Tumblr

I strongly doubt that one can simply throw adsense ads on a tumblr blog and expect to make significant amount of money. First of all, adsense ads are not image friendly while most favorable tumblr postings are images. Adsense ads are served by Google depending on your contents in most cases. Text-rich contents is important for niche blogs. Therefore I do not believe tumblr blogs containing mostly images would have a good CTR (adsense ads click through rate). You might have success if you have a huge following. I have tried this myself with all kinds of different themes but did not have much success. A rule of thumb for me is: if something can be done without thinking, it's probably not worth much.

How I did it? I use 45 blogs managed on 3 computers (2 rented VPS and my own computers/IP). I follow 200 people on each account everyday, and gain about 100 followers each day. I had a total of over 450K followers before my 'follow bot' stopped working. Using simple math, it will take you about 100 days to gain the followers. However, you can start seeing money in a few weeks.

Here is the summary.

1, Buy tumblr accounts or create them yourself: 40 accounts are enough. I use 2 VPS, and I never used proxies. No niche is needed. I run "general" blogs. (In other words, your blog does not have, for example, focus on fashion, or harry potter, etc. This makes gaining followers easier and will save you a lot of time in managing the blogs as well.)

2, Follow people that are most likely to follow back (details below). You might need to get a tumblr bot that will do following for you. I will give you some simple javascript code that can let you follow 200 people in 15 seconds.

3, When you build enough following, post chacha articles or ultimately create your own blog site with listacles rewritten from chacha or myLikes. There are some important tricks in setting up your sites to make them more adsense efficient (details below). Post the articles as "link posts" on tumblr. When people click through to chacha, they pay you averagely $0.1 per click-thru. When people click through to your site, you try to make them click your ads. I spent a lot of time to figure out how to do this efficiently. The technique can also be applied to any traffic source. If you already have a good traffic source, you can also use my technique to dramatically increase your Adsense CTR and hence you earnings.

4, There are some important tricks to get notes to your posts. When people reblog from you, more people see your posts. Some successful posts of mine have gathered 50K+ notes (a like is a note, and a reblog is a note), and 500K click-throughs. Note that when someone "liked" your post, they "kept it to themselves." When someone "reblogged" your post, their followers see the post.

5, Note that there is a big difference between followers and visitors to your blog. You have to understand this concept. (You can't call yourself tumblr-savvy otherwise!) I focus on the followers, not the visitors. I do not post adsense on my tumblr blogs. I post the ads on my site, and use a tumblr link post for people to click-through to my site. (If you don't know what a 'link post' is, you need to play with tumblr some more.)

The above is the summary of how I made $6700 a month on tumblr. If you can figure out how to do it on your own, good for you. Otherwise, for just $25, I can give you the very details about the key ingredients: whom to follow (so you can gain followers a lot more efficiently), how to build a site that is efficient in adsense CTR, and how to post on tumblr to get good traffic to your site.

For Detailed Step-by-Step ($25)

1) Who to follow?

2) How to get contents for Your Website?

3) How to post on tumblr?

4) How to get good Adsense CTR?

How to make money with Tumblr is a problem that took me months to figure out a solution for. You can reinvent the wheel, find your own solution, or most likely give up after some failed attempts. However, for just $25, you can get exactly how my solution works. For $25, you don't have to waste months of time and you are guaranteed to make much more money than the small investment.

There is plenty of money out there. It's time to go get it now!

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